Royal Escort RPG Updated Showcase

Hey everyone. While back I’d posted some videos about the RPG I’m working on with the help of this course, and now the time has come to update the state of that game with a few new videos.

A showcase of the combat system. I modelled the weapons used in Blender, again thanks to the great Blender course by Mike and Ben, and for the most part followed the core combat system pretty closely as shown here. Made some tweaks, like adding a damage delay to special abilities as well as making the player look at the enemy when performing a special ability. I’m handling the enemy health a bar a bit differently, choosing to have it pop up on the top of the screen if you’re hovering over the enemy or you’re currently engaged in combat. I decided to add more animation overrides, so that the player’s (and enemy’s) out of combat animations change as well, based on whatever weapon is equipped, as you can see (like walking, idle etc.) I’ve also added the ability to pause the game, still working on actually being able to rotate the camera during pause. And I decided to keep the critical hit chance mechanic.

Here’s a walkthrough of the updated village level. Have added a snow particle system to go with the change of scenery from grassy to wintery, changed the water to a frozen lake though I still need to add some glosiness to that. Also added fire particle systems scattered throughout on wooden torches (these will only be lit during night time, through a patrolling NPC, which is what I’m working on right now). Skybox slightly changed to a light blue. Also created my own tree models in Blender with sapling, and downloaded new grass textures, though for now I’ve only placed the weeds on the lakeshore.

And this is a longer, closer look at the assets used in the level, with the day night cycle doing its thing in the background.

Obviously sound is still entirely missing, and that’s the next priority on the list. Sound effects and music. Both will have been added by the time the next major update rolls around.

Let me know what you think, any criticisms, suggestions etc. always welcome.



hi nice game how did you do those healthbars when mouse over a enemy
i like it for my game can you give me a script or tell me how you did it
keep the good work like it so far

Hey there. Still working on getting that to fully function, I kind of ‘hacked’ it into the showcase video. Once I do have it working without any bugs, I’ll definitely post how it works. It’s not one script, it kind of goes into the combat system and the player script too, since that’s where the Enemy UI (name and health bar) are enabled.

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thanks for Answer me and to let me know

I believe it uses the void OnMouseEnter() {}. You would have the health already as an integer on the enemy. And a blank UI slider bar hidden. OnMouseEnter you would read the enemys name, and health. Taking that information it would plug into the hidden UI elements and then enable itself. OnMouseExit() {} it would remove the information from the UI elements and disable itself.

That is correct, that’s one part of it. It is enabled on hovering over an Enemy, however how it’s disabled depends on whether or not the player currently has a target, aka is in combat. If you’re in combat, hovering somewhere else doesn’t disable the UI, you actually need to click somewhere else, however if you’re out of combat hovering anywhere else will disable the UI.
But as before, it’s still incomplete, there’s a few functionality issues with it I’ve yet to sort out.

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