Rotating edge; Y-Axis = -90 degrees

I have done the course as stated, but my eyes spotted on key difference!
My wedge

My wedge uses a value of -90 degrees on the Y-Axis.

If I understand correctly, this was because I modelled the wedge in the Y-Direction, as opposed to the X-Direction, shown in the example.

Did I do the lecture correct, or am I threading in a wrong direction/learning myself faulty habits?


I have the same “problem”. I have to type -90° instead of 90°, but don’t know why that is.

I also don’t understand what you mean by “modelled in the Y-direction as opposed to X-direction”. Can you explain that please ?

Thanks !

@Luc I think the real point of the challenge is about learning the basics of of moving and rotating the wedge. One of the things Michael stresses is that there are numerous ways to accomplish many of the tasks within the program. This means that it is less about “Right” and “Wrong” and more about “Personal Preference” than learning something like coding.

Remember, Blender is an Art tool and Art is about perception. In this challenge there are 6 different directions that the wedge can be modeled in [+X], [-X], [+Y], [-Y], [+Z], and [-Z]. Each describes the axis the wedge is built on and the direction it faces when initially made. None of them are “Wrong”, they’re just different.

The real challenge wasn’t about creating the wedge, it was in placing the wedge in a certain spot and giving it a certain size with one edge pointing in a specific direction.

Learning blender is a journey and like any journey there are many roads to the destination.

I also noticed the same thing. I was in front view and I stretched it to the right, which for me was the y axis. This isn’t really a problem yet… but I image to avoid having to convert to the correct axis in order to get measurements to match I’ll want to check the instructors starting view. Other than this things went well.

it because of the Axis side we chose to delete the edge to make the wedge
We all chose X-axis
while Michael choose Y-axis in second lecture (wedge up tutorial one)
(Because he demonstrated that screw Z-axis rotation,i believe)

So its the Same thing!!!l

Isn’t it same for everyone
Mine looks like this too:stuck_out_tongue:

hello there, I have kind of the same “problem” but I am pretty sure it is becouse the way i created the mesh, so i can not use the same datas as the video, but i think it is looks the same just with differents numbers

I have to put 270 degrees and i could not to put 0.5 for the size of every X, Y, Z becouse it will looks like a hafl cube, becouse I think when I created the mesh first I scale the cube in a X direction and then I removed the vertices and make it a webge.

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