Room sketch and level design

Here is the sketch of the room with puzzles:

And here is the design document that describes everything:

Items and Puzzles.

  1. Hospital curtain around the bed serves purely as a tool to introduce the scene. Think of a theater curtain, it opens at the beginning of the act, and the play starts.
    Player wakes up in the confined space, on the bed, with bed stand nearby, and a curtain around. The player does not know what’s behind the curtain. The player opens the curtain (as part of intro?), and sees a strange room surrounding them.
1.1 Bed stand has a drawer.

2 . The room.
The room has red walls, 2 of which are longer and 2 are shorter. Southern and northern walls (as in the sketch) are the long ones. The northern wall has a window (2.1), grandfather clock to the left of it, almost next to the western wall (2.2), paintings to the right of it (2.3). The southern wall has a door in the middle (2.4).
The table and chairs are in the corner of southern and western walls (2.5). There is a metal square in the middle of the room ceiling (2.6), what looks like a movable object.

2.1 Through the window, the player can see a dark night sky, a swamp or a lake (hard to tell from where the player stands), dark tall trees growing in it, the outside scene lit by moon. The room is clearly on the third or fourth floor level, as far as the player can tell.
2.2 The grandfather clock is motionless, there is a door on it.
2.3 The paintings are scary, one of them depicts the room itself with a focus on the southern door of the room opening, an eerie black-red light oozing from the space behind the door, and a desperate victim being grab by multiple skeletal hands and dragged into the doorway. Another painting has a feast scene in a castle, a third small painting with a bird on it is a little crooked.
2.4 The door. The door is solid, nothing can be seen through. When the player is close to the door, they can hear echoes of screams far away,  creepy steps and screechy sounds.
2.5 The table and the chairs. The table and chairs are wooden, the surface of the table is clean except a little candle on it.
2.6. The object in the middle of the ceiling looks like it could be a bottom of an elevator.

3.The slaughter room. A small space with blood on the walls, hooks, carcasses of cows and other unknown animals (possibly humans?)
and a metal table with an axe on it.
4. Puzzles.
1. Bed stand (1.1) has a clockwork key in it.
2. The clock (2.2) has a door, it’s locked.
3. Fixing the painting with a bird (2.3) unlocks the lock in the clock.
4. Opening the clock door, the player sees mechanisms and a keyhole. The key from the bed stand starts the clock.
5. Once the clock starts, and once the second arrow makes a full circle, a small doorway opens next to the clock. It’s dark in there.
6. If the player grabs a candle from the table (2.5), they can step into the doorway, and find themselves in the slaughter room -
Player can grab the axe, of course.
7. On of the chairs (2.5) is standing on the small plate. Once it’s moved away from it, a panel opens on the surface of the table.
Inside, there is a terminal with display and keyboard, and an invitation for a …Bull Cow Game!
Winning the bull cow game calls an elevator, that drops down from the ceiling.
8. The elevator has a system of ropes that drives it. To go up, the player is required to cut the rope, that’s where the axe becomes handy.
9. Important gameplay element: once the grandfather clock is running, the player has a limited time to complete the puzzle before the door
opens and the player is consumed by dark powers. The clock is ticking loud, perhaps some music starts to indicate the inevitability of its happening,
perhaps we can think later of some other elements to make the player worry and hurry up.
10. Once the player escapes the room, they see the credits (congratulations, you have escaped, want to find what happens next wait for part 2).

Please let me know if there’s any feedback

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