Room Planning!



For my project, I plan on creating my dorm room here in University. I don’t have reference pictures, and will be just looking around me to model, but is a top-down view of what it looks like (drawn with a mouse!)

The sketch is missing things and lacks any sort of detail, but here is the 10 models I will be making:

  1. Room base (floors, walls, and roof)
  2. Desks
  3. Bed (With blankets and pillows)
  4. Couch
  5. Chairs
  6. Ceiling Lights (Long ones)
  7. Drawer
  8. Shelves
  9. Doors (1 normal door, 2 sliding closet doors)
  10. Miscellaneous stuff on desks and shelves (Like my computer and binders maybe)

I may try to go for an low poly style, but we’ll see!