Rolling Log Pit

A spinner section at the front makes you run on rotating platforms. Then climb the rising and falling pillars to the cube sweepers, which try to push you off the island, left and right.

Then I made a rolling-log pit from geometry brushes, where you have to jump on the rotating cylinders to pass. If you fall into the pit, there is a ramp to exit and try again.

And finally, a field of floating platforms shifting around that you have to jump across to the final one that lifts you up to the ‘prize castle.’


A friend wanted to see it. But, if I was going to share, it would need a reset level feature…
And a sort of death-plane system for if you fall off…
And a checkpoint system would be nice, so you don’t have to start from scratch after every fall…
And ya know, if you put a timer on this thing, suddenly it’d be a speedrun.

So, yeah. I did all those things.

The green wireframe cubes aren’t visible at runtime. Overlap with them sets the new respawn checkpoint. There’s also a few wireframes used to start and stop the HUD timer.

My PB is 34.350s.
My friend put in a 32.947. (we’re both devs & speedrunners)

Can’t say this link will stay working, but here’s the download, compiled for Windows (Dx11/12): Obstacular - Google Drive

  • F11 to toggle fullscreen
  • ‘R’ to reset
  • Alt-F4 to… uh, open your CD tray! Yeah.

Next thing to learn will be how to limit the framerate.
UE5, by default, seems to peg the GPU, regardless of how much GPU you’ve got! :wink:

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