Role Models

Hello everyone, I am currently taking the “finish it!” motivation course, and so far I am enjoying it.

I just finished the Role Model video, and it gave me something to really think about. I never really thought about it until now so I kind of wanted to share who I have concluded to be my role model; as well as, hear about who all of you consider to be yours yours and why, so here goes!

My Role Model is Vyse from the game Skies of Arcadia (Or Eternal Arcadia).
He is the type to never give up even when things don’t go as plan or when beaten down. He is always the first to jump in to help people even people he does’nt know. He always tries to have fun even in serious situations not letting them stress him out and he lives by his own view of what is right (i believe in DnD terms he is considered Chaotic Good). In the game there is a point where he says to a kid that is living in a slummy city “impossible is just a word people use to make themself feel good when they quit” ive always remembered that and have decided, i want to be that kind of person. i want to be the type of person who looks at a tough challenge and takes it as a fun oppertunity, someone who never gives up on what they want even when things seem impossible and i want to be the type of person who lives by my morals and beliefs and who helps people in need even if there stangers.

Anyway so that is who i consider my role model! if anyone else wants to share theres and why, please do feel free to i really want to hear about the people who motivate you! and thank you all for listening!