Rogue Vertices Have Nowhere To Run

Here we have Poly the Vertex Hunter (who’s a liiiiittle bit psycho) and her bolt-headed “pet,” GG! (it sees through its trunk). Together, they scour the Blenderverse in search of misbehaving geometry, and literally set it straight XD

Fun course @Grant_Abbitt , it was definitely a good skill booster to tackle something this challenging from scratch, and I definitely learned a few nice tricks along the way, not least being a basic sense of how to make topology better.

I also decided to “Robot-Chickenize” her eyes and grin, just to see what would happen. Definitely a bad practice for most purposes, but from a distance in a still render, it’s surprisingly not half-bad. Good fun; let’s see what’s next =)


The eyes and mouth being separate can work really well especially for animation :slight_smile:
Nice work !

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Hm. That makes sense. Well there’s another thing I’ve learned then; thanks Grant! =D

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