Rockets are smaller when I instance them via code?

I can adjust it by changing the scaling value of the parent node for the rocket and now they are back up to regular size but I’m wondering why my missiles were made so small to begin with. I don’t know what changed to cause that. Been following the tutorial exactly.

The original missile earlier on in the tutorial was about the size of the ship. It’s easy to fix but I’d like to know what happened so I can avoid it in the future. Thanks!

hi and welcome to the forum :wave:

is the original bullet scene is ok when you drag and drop it to the main scene?

if not then there must be scaling on the rocket scene parent or otherwise that we need to look at.

is the rocket container of type ‘node’ as in a white node?

I had the same problem on my end:

Turned out I had scaled the player node in the game scene and not the Sprite2D inside the player scene. Once I changed the scaling inside the player scene and reset the scaling in the game scene the rockets appeared like they should


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