Rocket Frustratum - Have you got what it takes

Seriously check out my version of the rocket boost game - let me know what you think. If you hate it, love it, or are just meh, tell me, I really will appreciate it. Also be as critical and lovely as you want, I won’t take it personally, I promise.

Hey Sambas!

Your first and 2nd levels are super interesting and challenging :slight_smile: Seems like you put alot of thought into the level design puzzles. I felt really good when I finally beat the first level, but no luck on the second… more practice required! I think while those tougher levels are cool to finally beat, it might be nice to have a couple introductory levels to get players used to the movement before jumping into some tough challenges.

Super solid overall, way to go.

people say my game is hard!!!

The control is very touchy, and it could do with some easier intro levels i think to get accustomed to the flight model, and give the player some sense of achievement.

visually your levels make great use of the simple styles

Hey Phindah - Super Cool feedback. It is a great idea to have introductory levels - for some reason it hadn’t really occurred to me to do that - I will rustle some up in the next few days. It also made me glad to hear you felt good for beating the level because that was what I was aiming for, a kind of sense accomplishment/achievement for winning.
I really appreciate your feedback, thanks.

@Gomisan – Lol – your game is hard – but I guess me saying that is the pot calling the kettle black.

Good suggestion about the easier levels, am definitely going to do that. With the controls I wanted them to be a bit touchy where you are at the edge of controlling the ship. But you got me thinking, it should be fairly simple (I know, famous last words) to create an easy mode where the rocket controls are less touchy. I will experiment and see what I can do.
Really good feedback thank you.

No worries, thats what this community is all about.

I had one of my work colleagues play your game and he actually made it through two levels! He loved the challenge.

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