Robots, With Facial Expressions!

Wanted to make a cute little robot and ended with something quite good:

Then tried my hand in some facial expressions: Nice little model. Then I made a scene: All in all a very fun model.


I love it !
Do you get inspiration from Portal ??

also all of their expression are like…
“when you see your friend put pineapple on pizza” :laughing: :laughing:

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Remarkably effective for just eyes.


Haha! Yes, they are similar to the cores, definitely got inspiration from them for the facial expressions.

Was a nice challenge to take on, I’ve never done facial expressions on a model before and wanted to practice on a simple model, was also fun trying to do this with only an eye and it’s eyebrows.

+1 Very imaginative. Simple yet great looking and flexible. Got me wanting to try create some 3d stuff now :smiley:

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