Robots Incoming! - Available on ShareMyGame


My first version of Robots Incoming! is now available. Alpha version 0.1

Based on the ‘Realm Rush’ course. I’ve paused the course near the end and used this as a ‘test bed’/reference for all the core techniques I want to learn before starting on a commercial game.

Here are some things I’ve learned from this game:

Creating and managing a game project with git

Transfering props from blender to Unity

  • Shared color pallette vs fixed colors per object
  • Baked textures in blender/unity

Particle system

  • Explosions - Randomizing color
  • Explosions - Make white smoke (shader changes)
  • Lighting on particles in a particle system
  • Fade smoke over time instead of stopping immediately

Destruction effects (fly into the air) using Addforce and AddTorque

Explosion damage - Detecting object withing the radius of an ‘explosion’ or effect

Pathing - Rounded path movement with splines

UI design

  • UI layout using layout groups
  • Button icons

Unity editor customization

Music playlist

Adjust game speed

Capturing gifs from within a game (using the ‘Ultimate gif tool’ asset)


Love the atmosphere from the sound and visuals! Plus the UI additions are great too!


Could use some balancing, difficulty, and variety. Overall it’s great I love it!

Thanks! I agree.

I basically have the first ‘level’ of the first ‘mission’. I’d like to add more enemy varieties, towers, and power-ups. If I have the time, of course. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m working on a new version I’m going to post soon with some minor balancing changes.

Really good game, found no bugs. Those speed buttons are a very nice addition.

Thanks. Lack of speed buttons and pause seems to be one of the most common complaints in steam reviews. Changing the game speed is only one line.

Making the UI buttons work correctly was surprisingly much harder.

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