Robotic Lamp Backflip Animation

Hi Guys,
Here is my animation!! I didnt post in the latest challenges like almost everybody only to show you just the final stage of the animation.

Its a Robotic Lamp inspired by Manipulators Robots (That ones used for assambling the cars among other things).
The animation is at 24 fps and have 800 samples for each frame (image render) at a resolution of 1080p a took around 8 to 10 hours to be rendered on my computer, I choosed 800 samples because the images redered bellow that sampling were prety noisy.
There ar a couple of things I realized latter after the render finished and that I would like to change:

  1. The background isnt log enough for the animation and it can be
    see its end in some frames.
  2. The movment of the Camera its to abrubt.
    For the rest I very happy with the final result in special for the backflip lamp animation, but still I have a felling that push me to make a remake with the fixes however I may have to make a computer upgrade for that, perhaps in the future.

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