Robot Bunny!

Exept for the robot thing :D…for my eye i played a lot with colours, for the iris i used a brown diffuse but was so flat then i changed the specularity in yellow and i thought that usually a brown eye has some green shades so i placed a point light close to the iris with kind of green diffuse. I strongly recommend to move a light close to the iris becouse at this point your iris is a mess of faces so when you move the light you can have tons of different and amazing shapes.


Looking really good… love the robotic one… bunny meets terminator… :slight_smile:

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hahah thanks @Rob i also made a terminator version, it’s just the same but red wich doesn’t looks good like this green one :smiley:

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…have to shave a bit of fur of its arm and show some metal work :slight_smile:

Just give me the time to finish this section and maybe a rabbit could come back from the future!!! Hasta la vista…CARROTS! :rabbit: yummy!! :sunglasses:


This I would like to see! If you do, please @username tag me so I dont miss it - have fun :slight_smile:

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