Roadmap for Our RPG project

Making a weapon in the RPG game so far

  1. Create a folder Under your weapons named (newWeaponTypeName(s))
    for example:

  2. Open that folder and right click Create Weapons Make New Weapon name it newWeaponTypeName(1,2,3etc…) now complete the SO list as needed.

  3. Right click in that folder and Create AnimatorOverrideController same name with AnimatorCOntroler at end of it.

  4. Now go to Projectiles folder and create a new folder for this WeaponTypesProjectiles

  5. Create the Empty gameObject Parent in the hierarchy add that Projectile Script to it

  6. Name it newWeaponTypeName(1,2,3…)Prefab and Drag it into that folder just created

  7. Double click it to edit prefab

  8. Add any mesh object like a sword, or bow (adjust after you make a Pickup for new Item)

  9. Create another Empty gameObject Parent in the hierarchy add that WeaponPickup Script to it

  10. Assign new Weapon to it

  11. Name it newWeaponTypeName(1,2,3…)Pickup

  12. Drag it into the Pickups Prefab folder so its prefabbed delete from scene

  13. Put that new Pickup in scene and Pick It Up and pause game to adjust your new weapon

  14. after your happy with the placment on player copy transform

  15. end game mode

  16. Open new prefab and highlight that mesh of the object and Paste Component values

  17. Test all features of the new weapon

  18. Test pickup and placement onto player(character)

  19. Test while (project incomplete)

What did I miss?

I am hoping to have a list(roadmap) like this for the game we are making, it may look like a lot but…
if I have this in my notes for the Objects we are using between unity and C Sharp and how they work together,
When i revisit this project I will have a roadmap…

So, please give it a try and tell me if I missed any steps Thanks in advance…

It’s extremely important that the Weapon ScriptableObject be located in a folder named Resources.

Ultimately, these are the things you want to have for a completed weapon.

  • The Scriptable Object which defines the weapon behavior. This file must be in a Resources folder and not have the same name as any other file of any type in any Resources folder.
  • The prefab that represents the weapon that goes in the player’s hand. (Not in Resources)
  • The prefab that represents the pickup that is placed in the scene for the player to pickup. (If this is equipped on the player’s hand, then the player will pick up the weapon off of an enemy in the middle of combat!) (Not in Resources)
  • The Animator Override (also not in Resources)

Other than that, it looks pretty good…
You’ll find, once you have created a couple weapon models and fitted them to the character, that you’ll get a feel for where the weapon should be when creating the next weapon model.

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