RiotCop - Laser Defender Game

My second game, RiotCop!


Controls are WASD to move and Space to shoot.

Bonus pickups: Health, Shield, and Weapon Upgrade.

See how long you can last in this dystopian future - the smallest mistake can be brutally unforgiving.

This took me just under a week to complete, all artwork was done by myself, and followed a handful of additional tutorials to add the extra features (some took longer than expected :expressionless: )

Enjoy! And let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Good work! Good graphics and a very good idea of the glass broken effect when you loose!


Thanks :smiley: glad you like it!

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Tough as nails and absolutely gorgeous. Love it - great work!!

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Awesome artwork!

One little thing I enjoy is that the ship projectile speed is just right!

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Great effort that you’ve put into this game :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Cheers, glad you enjoyed it :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:

That glass breaking was pretty slick. I liked that. Nice work!

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Thanks :smile: glad you liked it!

The effort you put into this game clearly shows up !! Loved it !! Keep creating :100:
If possible can you put up a link to the assets you used in the game? Especially the UI and background?

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Hey Sahil, thanks for the comment - as for assets, I was actually thinking of updating them and supplying them to a friend for a new tutorial. So watch this space if you’re after them! :smiley:

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Great job! I loved your idea of a weapon upgrade! Super fun to play


First things first: the concept and the art are gorgeous, I totally loved them. The music goes great with the theme. I have a few observations:

  1. There was an “issue” I had with the game play, if you just keep the fire button pressed and you get upgrades to fire 3 lasers at the same time, they didn’t shoot until I release the fire button and press it again, so the upgrade is not automatic.

  2. The lasers of the first enemies were too “blended” with the background and that made it difficult to try to avoid them.

  3. I loved the effect of the bridge that goes above you once in a while, but it could be stressing if you keep moving and you are a lot of time below this bridge. In this case I’d suggest that the movement of the bridge could be faster.

Keep the good job @rizazte!

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Phenomenal job!! Can I share this to the showcase page?

Thanks, and ofc you can :grin:

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