Rigidbody causes the rocket to jump into the air on play. UPDATE: Solved

Anyone else having these sorts of issues. When I hit play with the Rigidbody applied to the rocket, it instantly repositions itself into the air, and then it falls very slowly, tipping over in the process. (That happens even with the Movement script removed) What could be wrong here?

Edit: I did some testing, and the issue causing this was interesting. It turns out that Rigidbody wasn’t the culprit at all. Rather, the issue is that my launch pads were cylinder shaped. Unity, it seems, does not have cylinder colliders, though there’s almost certainly a way to fudge them by other means. By default, though, cylinders get capsule colliders, which means that on hitting play, the hump bumps the rocket into the air. Disabling the capsule collider and putting a box collider on the cylinder fixed this issue, and in some games that would cause an issue on its own, but this is probably not one of them.

I’m leaving this up just in case anyone else runs into such issues and needs help understanding what’s going on here.

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