Rigging Mesh Issue

Hi, everyone. i want to asking for a help if i may

Currently i’m doing rigging in my own model. i’m using Automatic Weight as a rigged parent from my model

The problem is, when i’m tried to move (rotate) my model’s hand in pose mode. it’s getting messed up. And the legs are as same as hand

i’ve been trying to reduce the Weight down to 0 in weight painting mode. but the result was as bad as before

Could someone help me to solve this problem ? is there something that i missed ?

Thanks before. Have a wonderful day :slight_smile:

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  • How did you connect the mesh to the bone armature?
  • Did you follow the GameDev Blender chapters on rigging?

If automatic weights are used and you are experimenting. It’s best to be sure that old weight painted maps are deleted before started a re-parenting.

Automatically means, Blender it’s best to do the job for you. But the outcome will not be 100% effective or logical. It depends also on how and where you place bones.
This means that the weight painted maps need to be manually adjusted for each bone, if needed.


Hi, sir FedPete

im sorry for my lack of explanation. yeah im doing experiment on rigging right now, but it didn’t go well last time

I’ve tried your way, and yeah i’ve found a new way out. I’m trying to delete my Old Weight Paint in Edit Mode -> Block faces/vertices that i dont want to include in one of my bone -> Vertex Group -> remove. and then i assign faces/vertices that i want to include in my bone

And it works ! Now my bones are not messed up just like before

Thank you very much sir for your advice on deleting my old weight paint

Have a wonderful day :slight_smile:


I am happy to send you in the direction of a solution.
As a last note, automatic rigging is helpful but manual painting is unavoidable.
Also the way your mesh designed has influence in the process.


All right sir. i will remember that. I guess i have to try to learn weight painting more

Thank you once again :slight_smile:

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