Rigging issue

I had no issues practicing rigging with Grant’s character, now trying the same on my own has caused smaller objects to be affected by the armiture and not the body itself. I get the error ‘Bone Heat Weighting: failed to find solution for one or more bones’ when trying to connect them which is frustratingly vague.

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You are trying to do different things and maybe in a wrong sequence and or bone connection …

You can connect a (single) bone:

  • to individual vertices using weight paint (body Orc) (deforming the Orc mesh body),
  • or group vertices as in a object, like the armband, using the origin point bone connection. Only transforming the armband object.

You can use both methods on a bone!
You can also use weight painting on the armband …
You can also JOIN the armband in the Orc mesh (you need to delete the old weightpaint, and start over weight painting)

Many things can happen, if don’t use the right strategy and or actions. Resulting in strange messages from Blender.

You can redo your steps, but be sure to delete the bone object relations, and the weightpaint data blocks see DATA panel >Vertex groups … remove the to delete the weight paint.


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