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I have finished the course character and I have done an original character. I would like to export that character to Unreal, do a retargeting there and use Unreal animations, like I have done with other free characters. But reading how has to be the rig of the character to export, I have found you need to use the rig done in the course, convert it to a control rig (easy enough with rigify) and then convert it to a game ready rig (I think I have found how to do that, but it is NOT an easy process).

My question is: If I don’t want to animate the character in Blender, so I don’t need a control rig, what differences are between the first rig and the gameready one? Can I use the first one, or there is some detail I ignore that will give me problems later on?

I am sorry if this go way above the scope of the course, I haven’t find any answer on internet.

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I would really like an answer… It is a lot of work and I would like to know if I can do it well without all those steps…
Thank you.

Sorry these game conversion issues are not my field. It is interesting how little there seems to be on the transition between such softwares, on line. Which suggests it is tricky or fussy.

Try asking in the GameDev Discord, and Unreal sections, they are likely to have people that have done it more than a Blender community.


I thank you for your answer. I will ask there.

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