Ridiculously slow compilation time


Coming from Unity I am used to code changes compiling automatically when I switch to the Unity editor so it’s already a pain to have to manually recompile after every minor code change.

But when it takes 4 MINUTES to compile after adding a couple lines of code to a tiny project like this it makes me want to throw Unreal in the trash and just stick with Unity.

What on earth could be wrong that it would take 4 minutes to compile this?

It is necessary to establish the correct connection with Visual Studio. Then you can compile it manually using the Ctrl+Alt+F11 key without pressing the actual button on Unreal. My compile time takes 4 seconds. I use Unity too, it is no different from Unity in terms of compile time. Since Unreal uses lower-level system than Unity, it is necessary to ensure a good infrastructure setup first.

Also, people come from Unity with negative energy. They come reluctantly. They are making comparisons. Don’t do it. That’s my advice.

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