Rider: MSBuild version problem

Hello all,

For this section I have started using Rider i.o. VSC. Though compiling without any issues, it has the following errors. Could anybody please explain what do they mean and how to solve them? Much appreciated!!

And you’re able to compile from within Rider?

Yes, it has no errors.

But I cannot find the MSBuild (which is ought to be bundled with Rider) specified by Jetbrains here:https://blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2018/04/13/introducing-jetbrains-redistributable-msbuild/

A bit of an update: i think I have found it

Which has caused the following errors:

Well the v142 toolset is in VS 2019. What do you get if you use that?

You mean if I use the VS MSBuild?

I was using it by default in Rider. I had the errors mentioned in message 1, but they did not prevent code from compiling. I was just interested of what it is and do I need to fix it.

Hi. I use rider for unreal (or you can use the latest preview of the main version) and it relies on the build tools from visual studio to be correct and up to date. I never had to configure Rider as I always used studio and use Studio for other projects daily. If you are able to build your Unreal Project in studio 2019, it should work fine without messing with the settings.

You might get away with the MSBuild tools for 14.2 but if you have studio 2019, just make sure you add the C++ build tools in as well.

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