Rick made me do this!

Halfway through the Finish It! course and Rick has demanded I show my work!!

So here are two finished images from the TileVania course and RPG core combat course! Hope ya like it.

— might be hard to see the TileVania image properly because sometimes it doesn’t zoom in, in that scenario just click the RPG image whilst zoomed in to switch image and it should work or download the image.


THIS IS AMAZING!!! How long have you been working on this?

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Good work!

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Thankyou! Not too long, many assets were from asset packs I bought and then I just added waterfalls etc. to spice it up.

I really enjoy level design with limited assets, makes it a fun challenge.


hey man these looks so great. i want to ask you something. im finished 2D course almost. should i continue with 3d course or can i jump in rpg course? i dont want to waaste my time

Sorry for the late reply.

I didn’t do the 3d course - just jumped straight into the RPG course!