Review, Congratulations and Thank You!

First of all thank you Code Monkey for all this quality lessons, I learned a lot especially about good practices, clean code and decoupling systems. I will recommend this course for sure, it is the best for intermediates and I really loved the explanations, I foudn everything clear and very well explained.

Second, congratulations to everybody reaching the final part, the course is packed with a lot of notions and even that is welle explained, it requires some learning/practicing so be proud of yourself :slight_smile:

Suggestions to Improve Movment:

-The only thing that I can suggest is to improve the character movment, I’ve posted a solution (using quaternions) of the appropriate lessons, and it really improves the turning of the characters, especially at short distances. I’ve noticed a lot of people asked for that and it is a simple thing to do.
For everything else it is great and I can’t really suggest improvments based on my experience.


I am looking at the HEX GRID expansion part now, and I love this addition.
If you want to expand the course with more extras, I suggest expanding it with a toggle between real time and turn base. A lot fo games like Wsteland 2 or 3, old fallouts ecc go into turn mode only during combat.

With al the knowledge of this course it should be possibile to make it by our own and it is the next thing I want to try to modify, but sill it will be nice to include it.

Thanks again and keep it up!

That’s great to hear, I’m glad you found the course helpful!
For movement you mean Slerp instead of Lerp? Yeah that is indeed a good simple improvement.

Exploring the idea of a real time toggle is a very interesting idea, it’s actually something I’m currently considering for my upcoming Steam game which is based on this course so I might cover that. Unveiling my TOP SECRET project! - Code Monkey


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About the movment, I leave here the 2 links of the changes I made. There are 2 lessons where I made the change to have a smooth rotation, I have even got a reply from you :slight_smile:

About your new game it is an exciting project, I am following your news by the announcement and I am following your progresses on youtube. I was among the first probably to wishlist it on Steam.

I wish you the best on this development journey.

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