Review: 10/10 and Ask: Cover System

Excellent series! Easy to understand and explains exactly what is done and the reason for it. One thing I would ask for is how to implement a cover system.

I’m glad you enjoyed the course!

I actually made a Cover System in the original prototype I built, but for the course I ended up prioritizing more generic mechanics that would be more suitable for many game types (not just XCOM-likes)
You can download the project files for that original prototype and see how I implemented it. The code is slightly different from the codebase in the course but most of the logic is very similar so you should be able to read it. I made XCOM in 25 HOURS! (plus Special Announcement!) - Code Monkey

Eventually I would like to make an official course expansion adding that mechanic, but not sure when.


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That’s great! I will check it out.

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