Reversing pow application

In this case i have a simple question about this topic, where can i apply this topic in my games is there a specific kind of problem to solve with this topic?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

hi @williamsnieves, there are a lot of places where this can show up but one example might be when you have an array of data that represents some information about a 2D grid (maybe pixel data for an image or vertex heights for some terrain).

Let’s say that your array contains 1024 elements.
Taking the square root would tell you that your grid will be 32x32 and you can use that information to set up some nested for loops to go through your array and assign the values to the associated x- and y- coordinates.

great @garypettie so we can said that when we work with features related to areas or when we work with multiple arrays it could be a good place to use operations with pow obviously if the operation needs the application of the pow process.