Reversing Changes

To me, it looks like we are making permanent changes to the chair. Is there an easy way to revert back to the original chair? Is there a way to prohibit changes to particular items? Is a good way to do this to first make a duplicate of the chair, and then make changes to the duplicate, giving it a different name, etc? It just feels like we are not being careful about preserving the original content.

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I exclude StarterContent in my .gitignore, since it’s easy to add it to a fresh repo clone. When I save changes to the chair, the starter content itself is changed. Since the starter content is ignored by git, I can’t commit my change.

To deal with this, I did the following:

  • Find the M_Chair material in the content browser.
  • Notice that it’s in Content->StarterContent->Props->Materials.
  • Right-click, Duplicate.
  • Name the duplicate material M_CustomChair.
  • Create folder hierarchy Content->CustomContent->Props->Materials.
  • Move M_CustomChair material into Content->CustomContent->Props->Materials.
  • Change the Material of the chair from SM_Chair to SM_CustomChair.

Now git picks up the new asset (M_CustomChair.uasset) under CustomContent and my changes won’t be lost if/when I do a fresh clone of my repo and add the starter Content.


Thanks for that! That helps keep things a bit more clean.

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