Reverse crease on Mac

At 02:44 @Grant_Abbitt - you say “Reverse crease” and this has been mentioned in several of the video’s to this point, but I have not been able to understand how to access this “reverse crease”.

It’s not the same thing as “Pinch” is it? That is the “P” key?

I cannot find any reference to it in the Blender doc, or in the UX. I’ve tried getting the crease by pressing Shift C, and then pressing all the modifier keys but I don’t get the effect.

I did find this:

Where I can switch from “effect of brush” positive vs negative. But I couldn’t find any short cut key for it.

Edit: this does seem to have the effect I see in the video, so I’m going ahead an using it. Its just a bit cumbersome switching using the little plus button.

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I didn’t do the course, and I did sculpting a long time ago.
But with reverse, he probably means the “Ctrl” - key.
Where you reverse the tools, for example, from explode to implode … or was it the shift - key …


I’m pretty certain this is exactly what Grant is referring to as this is not the only brush he uses this technique with in this project. Ctrl + any brush gives the opposite effect vs what that brush normally does, so try this with the crease brush and you should get something like what you’re seeing in the video.


Crease positive and negative.
Having the positive and negative on the same brush saves an overload of extra button icons etc.

No Pinch is a different tool and I see it as enhancing something like crease to greater sharpness, but it works very much the same.

All these tools I tend to just use them and see what they do rather than any set expectations.

Something does not do what you want try another.


NP5 makes a very good point actually; the sculpting workflow is much more free-flowing and “artsy” than the hard-surface modelling shown in the course up to this point. There are still procedures and steps to remember in some things, but when it comes to using the brushes themselves, that’s a great place to just experiment and discover things for yourself =)


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