Reuse inbuilt actions e.g. ui_up, ui_down, ui_left, ui_right?

The challenge asks us to configure the WASD for left, right, up and down keyboard controls. I don’t think it has been mentioned that there are built-in actions already configured ui_left, ui_right, ui_up, ui_down. I found this useful when I added controller support for the Speedy Saucer tutorial. Is there any reason not to add WASD to the built-in actions, rather than creating new actions? As far as I can tell it is a neat way to get standard controls efficiently.

If i was to hazard a guess those built in functions are there for UI on a mobile device so are best left for that functionality.
As we are building for PC we can set them up specifically for those and if we later wanted to add to a mobile build we can use those and tie them into the UI system

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