Return Node not connecting to BP Projectile Function

Like the title says, I’m following the video word for word, and when I drag my return pin out to place a new node and the search box appears, my “Print Your Name” function does not appear unless I uncheck context sensitive. Yet, that’s my main issue it appears because when I place the node this way, I get this message when connecting the two - “BP Projectile Object Reference is not compatible with BP Projectile Object Reference.”

Again this may be due to the version I’m working in and the computer I’m working on.

Version: 5.1.1-23901901+++UE5+Release-5.1
MacBook w/ Apple M1

Unable to connect the SpawnActor Return pin to the Launch function created in the activity either. It seems as though anything within my BP Projectile class cannot be referenced or is not compatible with anything on the level blueprint.

Well that error message doesn’t make sense

Have you compiled and saved all blueprints? Restarted the engine? Or right click on the node and select Refresh Node?

Hey Dan,

I have tried everything here. Still no dice. It really does sound like the error message makes no sense. I’m fiddling with it now.

Getting this when compiling.

Something happened when collapsing to functions. I can’t reference any of my BP_Projectile functions in my level blueprint anymore. I’m really not sure what happened here.

In the SpawnActor block, make sure the Class is set to the correct BP Projectile. Somehow I created two and needed to make sure I picked the correct one for this to work

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