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Would it be feasible to expand to older platforms for development? I recently started learning how to use GBDK (Game Boy) and SGDK (Genesis/Mega Drive), both are C libraries. I’m also interested in Nintendo DS development and started looking up tutorials for DevKitPro’s C++ NDS library, but I haven’t found anything good or recent.

That’s probably because unity or unreal is better in terms of functionally

I’m pretty sure unity can export to Nintendo as well

I was talking about making games for older systems. Neither Unity nor Unreal Engine can export to Game Boy, NES, Genesis or any of those systems.

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Ah, I see, Gameboy actually does seem to have an audience for this unlike Genesis and Megadrive unfortunately

Gameboy: If you use GB Studio, it is made specifically for the Gameboy, and runs on the C language

Here are potential tutorials to try

Newest one👇

However for Genesis and Megadrive games, there seems to not be a game engine that can actually do anything significant, however using the Objective C language like you said above, it is possible, I read up an article about this:

The downside to this unfortunately is that many of the stuff that you will find will be older just because of the low demand

Surprisingly Nintendo DS has nothing, I managed to find this really old tutorial but I doubt it will help

Finally I would recommend asking ChatGPT your questions because it is a very smart bot, and you would probably get a lot of help from that

Hope this helps!

I’m working with someone on a GB project. We started with GB Studio, but we quickly switched to GBDK as it was more in line with what was needed for the project and GB Studio utilizes GBDK.

Perfect, love that you ended up finding something relevant to what you need!

Yeah. It would be nice to have more topics on this platform rather than just Unity or Unreal Engine. I feel the GDTV team limits themselves purposefully.

Yeah, but to be honest it would probably be too much of a hassle to employ people who know these topics just to get maybe a 1000 people to pay the 15$, who knows though, maybe the gamedev tv members are learning new topics… However I strongly agree that they need more… I myself use the unity page with their learn category and documentation to learn because gdtv minimizes themselves or has somebody who can’t teach a course.

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