Retopology blues

Hi, I have reached the “retopology” stage with my orc and I am having issues…
Most importantly, whenever I try to Move a vert or an edge the cursor develops a long stick and the affected vert etc goes wild, connecting to other other arts of the model seemingly at random. Would you have any advice on how I can address this?

Secondly, there are two blue dots which are unselectable in any mode or from any individual models part of the view layer. Any idea what this might be?

Thanks in advance!


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I would Download a fresh copy of blender and not have any of those add ons. Then open the file in the clean copy of Blender and see if any of the issues remain.

That would remove all the stuff that might be causing it that most of us have no familiarity with.


Out of curiosity, I copied your screenshot into Paint, colour-picked from that blue dot, filled the whole canvas with it (I’m a little colour-blind), and then scrolled through Blender’s Edit
–>Preferences–>Themes–>3D Viewport menu to see if I could find a match. It seems to correspond to “Face Retopology.” Based on that, I’m guessing it’s not meant to appear as a seemingly random dot in the middle of space.

Maybe that goes some way to explaining the symptom, but I don’t know what the cause could be. NP5’s suggestion sounds like a solid first step though. Apparently you can also have multiple versions of Blender installed on the same machine, so hopefully you don’t need to bin all the addons for the sake of a test. Good luck =)


Ah yes, I always use the ‘portable’ versions of Blender. Just download to a folder and run the exe. You can have as many versions as you like then.


I think it’s related to the retopo plug-in. I’ve used it also somewhere, some time ago.
The function has a problem sticking to the underlying surface.

  • Rotate view to have a more frontal mesh placing
  • Is there enough room between the underlying faces and the retopo. There is a feature, to have some distance when drawing faces (somewhere … I forgot the option).
  • Just try it out, without using external add-ons, which can have their own pitfalls.
  • Check your model for (obvious) things like, scaling, modifiers, no holes in the model, no duplications, working on the wrong object …

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