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Restoration of Duramthia is a Fantasy / Dystopia themed “Choose Your Own Adventure” styled text based game. The game is based in the realm of Duramthia where you, as the player, is tasked with understanding what is going on, what the goals of the game are and to make critical decisions along the way.

The game is currently being developed and this topic serves as a way to share progress reports, tips on lessons learned and challenges faced along the way. It also serves as a way to get feedback on development, the story, the plotline and the characters while the game is still being developed.

This topic also serves as an accountability thread to keep working on the game until it is finished.

Feel free to provide constructive feedback as you see fit.


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Updated Mon Jun 25 2018 20:00 Development update - First status update

It feels both great and scary at the same time to “go public” with the work I am doing on Restoration of Duramthia. It is my first game and I am having a lot of fun following the Unity 2D course to create this text-based game.

01. Insights and remarks about the programming learned

I knew a bit about C# before starting this course. Think the basic console application level of programming. I had great fun learning more about how to get classes and methods etc. to work together. I found [SerializedField] to be particularly useful since it allows custom development of the Unity Inspector.

When I was thinking about the overall storyline of the game I came up with an interesting approach to add more flavor to the story. This however required me to extend the functionality of the Inspector to allow for additional content to be created and mapped with the Unity UI. In other words, I needed to map up more Unity text fields with additional input segments in the Unity Inspector.

The red markings are only there to avoid spoiling part of the storyline.

As programming go there isn’t anything “new” that I have done. I enhanced the script with more of what was taught regarding [SerializeField] and creating Scriptable Objects.

One insight I want to share is that when working with [SerializeField] to customize the inspector functionality. The order of how they are displayed in the Unity Inspector from top to bottom is the same as how they appear in Visual Studio.

I had originally planned to include some type of simpler inventory system. As I tried to develop this functionality I quickly realized that it was above my current skill level and dropped the idea in favor of storyline development.

In short, the method of approach I tried was to create an inventory array to store the items and somehow print out the contents of Inventory Array to display the contents. I realized that I have not fully mastered the skill of creating new classes, methods etc. and making them work together. I am pretty sure that inventory will be covered further on in this course.

This means that the programming for this game is completed and I can focus on creating the story.

02. Game design progress

The Game Design is coming together. I am using and the template used in the course. The colors of the card indicate the following. Red for death, Green for Successfully navigation through a “chapter”. Blue for developed and implemented story card. White cards are for planned cards that need to be developed.

Game design challenge - keeping track of "turns"
One challenge I faced was when I had split up the story into two bransches created by the outcome of the player action. I had an event planned that would happen after X taken decision or “X Turns” as I call them.
In short it made little sense to me to have the player face a certain scenario in ex. 3 turns but if the player choose a different path the player would face a similar sitation in 6 turns.

The event has a measure of time, speed and distance too it.

I came up with a way to simply add T0, T1, T2 for Turn 1, Turn 2 and Turn 3 etc. as the first thing in my storyline card titles. This made it A LOT easier to keep track of the time, or pace of the story.

03. Summary

Overall I am having a blast developing this game. There is still quite a lot of hours left of development of the story before I would consider the game to be complete. I am planning to publish a release when I reach the first successful story card to see if there is enough interest to continue developing the story.

If you made it this far a big shout out and THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. Feel free to provide feedback as you see fit. If you see something you like that you want to comment on, great! If you see something you dislike or hate, let me know.

If you have questions or comments etc. feel free to ask.

Until next update, Happy programming!

  • Pheonix Lucror
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Development update - Story keeps growing

Since my last update, the number of scenes has grown quite a bit.

Challange overcome - Too many choices, to little story

I also went through a bit of a discouraging phase. I ended up being stuck in having too many multiple choices at times. Each choice needs some type of relevant actions to take place and either tie back into the main storyline or to the player’s death.

This amounted to quite a lot of work and scenes being developed in the beginning without really driving the story forward.

I decided that it makes sense to have “story progression” segments and “multi-choice” segments to get some natural variation between making important choices and reading a good story.

Hopefully, you guys will like this type variation when I release the first part of the game.

Until next update, Happy programming!

  • Pheonix Lucror
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Big day today as I have decided to release this CYOA game. The first “chapter” of the story is complete and I figured it makes sense to publish it, get some feedback and see if there is enough interest in the storyline to motivate further development time.

As it stands the game at the moment of writing this ended up being an Escape / Fantasy themed. I originally planned to make this a Dystopian / Fantasy themed adventure and this first chapter is starting to move the “scene” to that direction.

Feel free to try the game out for yourself and provide feedback etc.

Play Restoration of Duramthia

Until next update, Happy programming!

Pheonix Lucror

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Hey man, that’s a whole lotta effort you put in there! I never realised (and I think I still don’t grasp the extent to which) the console could be edited like that. Thanks for sharing your learning progress and great job!

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Hi @VaughnLangen,

Thanks for the appreciation. In regards to the story. Do you think it’s interesting enough that you would like to know what will happen after the current version of the game ends?

Heya @PheonixLucror,
The latest rendition is well written by any means, it’s generally quite intriguing. If these types of games were my cup of tea I would have been well interested.

I finished the fist chapter with “serious” injuries, but these kind of things are too abstract for me :stuck_out_tongue: like, some inventory display (if required for future development) and perhaps a HP display would make it a bit more engaging for me as I’d have direct feedback on what’s going on and my current state. BUT, this doesn’t mean that people who enjoy this genre would require it! :+1:

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