Restarting to blender

i bought the blender course almost 3 years ago and i was making a progress but cause of school i had no time and energy to continue. i tried to continue to it a several times but i had literally no strenght. now i’m thinking of starting again. since i havent touched the program for so long now i lost my memory bout it. i dont want to start from beginning cause of several reasons. idk if i go all in again or do some another things as well. also idk how much time i should spend. personally i feel down emotionally as well cause i havent been using blender and i really need that feeling to go away. so if anyone has any experience or ideas please let me know :slight_smile:

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Just start working through a course. It’s hard to get going, but it’s also hard to stop. Once you get into it you’ll just keep on it, build some momentum and let it carry you if that makes sense.
Judging by your drawing skills you have a good understanding of art in general so I’d expect Blender to be far easier for you than most total beginners.
If you don’t remember stuff then I wouldn’t skip it, get a refresher or else you’ll get stuck looking for basic tools. That said you can watch videos at 2x speed which would let you “cover more ground” quicker.


Beware of expectations, as in “In my mind, I want to create something like …”.
By looking at what others already did in this lesson.
Some of us know a bit more, redo the course, or have already experience with other tools.
It is a long, long road to creating a Disney-like animation from the ground up. Or creating assets for your game.

Just keep your own pace. If you like the subject, then explore it more.
If not, just do the challenge (which is important to build up confidence, keystrokes, and techniques). Show your work regularly. So we can see the problem upfront.
Ask when in doubt. And if you need inspiration on what to create, see the weekly collabs for ideas.

And above all try to enjoy it, and seek what you like to do. Don’t be that precise, Blender is a tool where many things can be achieved differently. Don’t think, I make this 100% I need it later. Probably you have new insights and different needs then.
Do many small projects, each time apply what you have learned and new skills. Step by step …


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