Respawning pickup vs dropping pickup of current weapon

Hello, i don’t know the final goal of the RPG course with the inventory and all but i tried dropping a corresponding pickup for the previous equipped weapon when picking up a new one. That can be done pretty simple and quick and i think it’s cooler than just hiding the pickup for a few seconds.

While i’m posting a comment, i’ll take the time to say that this is a really fun tutorial. Thanks to Rick and Sam for their good work!

When we get into the Inventory course, we’ll be taking a slightly different approach, with weapons being picked up and added to Inventory, and when equipping them from Inventory, the old weapon (unless it’s the default weapon) are returned to Inventory. The default weapon is always there as a “fallback” if the player unequips a weapon without equipping a new one and no slot in Inventory is required.

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