i am unable to access resources in the lectures that you provided… please help!!!

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Aghhh what lecture is that?
While you probably came here via the Udemy link, it is in an arcane code 3_bo_bcc that we humans can not decipher! :grin:

Such info may assist those with the answer.

3 (lecture number)
bo (Blocking Out)
BCC (Blender Characters Course)

This was also posted on udemy and the resources are attached to lecture 38 under the tab called resources next the lecture on the course content page on udemy.
On our site they reside underneath the video as you watch and need them.

Hope this helps


The resource tab under this video is actually blank. They are not under the video.

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@Grant_Abbitt Not sure if this is a new one or a repeat of another one we already mentioned.

Could you possibly check on this please :slight_smile: