Resource files listed as zip files but are rar files

As title. Files listed as zip but are rar files.

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Was this ever resolved? I am also only seeing the files in .rar version and not .zip - how do we access the content for this lecture?

I just joined the course, but since I am developing on macOS thought this post was relevant to me since they are still in the .rar format for both the links provided in the resource files.

Solved this issue by converting the .rar to .zip and everything seems to be working correctly.
I have yet to run into any problems since starting this part of the course.

Hope this helps for anyone who was confused about this portion.

Download 7zip from google to extract the files. Right click → (show more options if windows 11) 7zip → extract files…
Then click “OK” in the dialog that opens up.
7zip can also open other archive formats like .zip, .tar, etc

Also, don’t forget to right click on the .uproject file and convert to a different unreal engine version.

Considering the extra gate keeping on this project (and the fact it’s ue4 in an ue5 course for total beginners), I’m hoping there’s some pretty awesome content to come :slight_smile:

That said, this course should really be marketed as including ue4 content compatible with ue5.

Edit: The very next lecture looks like it’s being done with ue5 haha…

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