Resolving issues in getting Android setup for demo Cardboard app

Hello! I’ve been working through the class (which is excellent, BTW), and reached the SquashyToad section. Eager to set up my Android devices, I ran into a few issues that might help others (also I had 1 question, the last bullet point). I am running on Windows 8 and Windows 10.

  • When I tried to install the Android SDK’s through the SDK Manager, I got a lot of failures. Turns out in my case I had to run the SDK Manager as an Administrator (though of course my login is set as an administrator, go figure)
  • I used the default checkboxes in the SDK Manager, which happened to use the Build Tools for 24. When I tried to build the demo Cardboard app in Unity, I was getting a very uninformative error about not being able to package the resources. After checking online, I discovered I had checked the version 24 build tools. I deleted that, then installed the latest version 23 build tools (since Android 6.0.1 was marked with revision 24). Then I built things fine.
  • When I ran the demo on my phones, I do not see the menu panel on the floor that is shown in the video. I get the box and I can click on Cardboard to make it disappear, but no menu panel. When I had built the APK not forcing to Landscape Left, but to Auto-Rotation, I could rotate the phone and it did not have the split view (just not view in cardboard), then the button panel showed up. Any ideas why the panel doesn’t show up when it had the split-screen?


P.S. BTW I am using Unity 5.3.5f1

I tried to put the menu disappearance aside (#3), but I could not!

It turns out the the issue is in the version of Unity. I went back to 3.5.1f1 as a person said in a previous comment, and the menu now shows up.

The only problem going backwards is that the GoogleVR package (0.8 currently, which I downloaded from GoogleVR GitHub) I had downloaded does not work (resulted in some compile errors), so I went back to using the 0.6 package from this course.


It would be great if you could post this question and answer to the Udemy Q&A. We are trying to keep things that can be answered there and shares and discussions here.

I find in converting Cardboard to GVR compiling errors come up. It seems that “VRBuildSettings.cs” is causing problems. I had to Close Unity and dispose of that file from the Editor folder in Assets.
Also will there be an update to this course now that Google has disposed of the sdk for Cardboard for that of GVR?

Yes, we are making updates for Daydream compatible GVR in the near future.

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