[Resolved]"Use Selected" doesn't select

For some reason, when locking Steve, selecting a box, adding a patrol route point and choosing “use selected”, the array doesn’t get populated (i.e. the field is still left blank). Other options from the context menu works (e.g. clear etc), so I’m wondering which prerequisite I’ve missed out on - now I’ve gone over the video 3 times and can’t spot what it is @ben does different from what I’ve done.

Using Engine 4.13.1, in case it matters.

Did you make sure you can add any actor from the drop down context menu first?
It may be that you missed something in setting it up to use any actor.
I did this lecture for the second time today and mine seems to work.

Doh! I was so busy focusing on my own stuff I managed to not pay attention to setting the Patrol Points variable on the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint to Actor variable type. Haha. Code in the morning, sleep at night!

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Glad you got it solved lol, I’ve actually made more of my mistakes at night too :slight_smile:
I’ve had to set myself a cut off point at night though else my brain wont shut off and i end up in state of “Just one more lecture”

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