Reset Course Videos to "unwatched"

Is it possible to reset the videos so I can start a tutorial again without having to manually slide the timeline bar to 0 on each new lesson video when loaded. Hope that makes sense.


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Actually, I’m kinda curious. Is there a way to do this?
I accidentally had like half of the 2D Unity course play out muted in another tab. Would love to reset it.

From GameDev TV’s site or on Udemy?

Here on GameDevTV

I see. I don’t know…

GameDev TV hosts their courses on their website through Teachable’s courseware system and platform. It says on Teachable’s support site that " * If you want to reset your course progress, you can contact your school owner and request that they reset your lesson progress. If the school does not have access to this feature, they can delete your existing account and then manually add/enroll you back in the course. This effectively “resets” your course progress." Game Dev TV is considered a school through Teachable.

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