Rescue: Choose-your-own-adventure Text101 game

So, this is my attempt at ‘simple’ (facepalm). Hopefully entertaining - six different endings to find! (I play too many RPGs…)

Inspired by a Throne of Glass novella by Sarah J. Maas: RESCUE

Code isn’t as streamlined as it could be, as I wanted to restrict myself to what the course has taught so far, and not go haring off creating rudimentary inventory systems. (I didn’t want a repeat of NumberWizard - I am my own worst enemy.)

Epic! Nice one. I bet your development diagram was pretty complex.

I played through twice. Well done.

I empathize with you on wanting to digress down many tangents during the exercises. I try to focus on continuing to the next, more complex lesson in short order because I am excited to continue adding to my development tool kit. I sometimes get stuck in the details of small goals and end up stalled out on my larger goals because of it.

Thank you for posting this and clearly taking the time to look over the work of others to offer feedback.

The final version was big, but simpler than I expected; I started off trying to do a diagram similar to the lecture example and was just (no pun intended) going in circles, so wound up doing more of a list (scene: action/s leading to scene/s) first, and then making the bubble/arrow style diagram towards the end when I was trying to keep my multiple endings straight and working out test paths.

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