Reriging screwed everything

After reriging 4 times with vertex groups I finaly managed to get my lamp not breaking apart. But now it’s tilted all the time. It seems to keep this position. The Rest position works ok, the pose is… well this
Annotation 2021-04-02 002127
and should look like this
Annotation 2021-04-02 002144
I’ve tried to export it like this in Unreal to see what the result would be.

I’ve tried to export it more times. Sometimes the import buttons are greyed out, other times if I manage to import everything the lamp it’s either tilted or streched. I assume that if the blender one doesn’t work, I can’t expect it to do any better outside. But why is it all screwy?

Might this article help?
At least with the Blender to Unreal movement.

Thanks, I’ll check the link out. I found out it’s something related to the local space. If I re-reg it gets relative to world space.

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