Replace with "command": "\\"\\" - doesn't work

The line 4. Replace with "command": "\\"\\" doesn’t work for me.
But if I’m using "command": "\"\" from the video ‘4.26 VSCode Intellisense Bug’ everything works fine.
Is there simply a mistake in this reference?
I’m on Win 10, Unreal 4.26

You should search for "command": " and replace it with "command": "\"\".


Sorry, there was the formatting issue in the first message, I’ve fixed it.
My point is there is a mistake in the line 4 of “Fixing Intellisense for 4.26” list. There are two backslashes instead of 1.

You need to replace "command": " with "command": "\"\".

Thanks. Most likely an issue from where this was written had markdown requiring an extra \ to show it and Udemy & Teachable didn’t need that. Hopefully will be fixed soon.

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