Renderman for blender

Can anyone tell me how to install (non-commercial) Renderman for blender (Renderman 23)

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I would say, just follow the lessons, do the challenges, show your work.
Improve your skills. It’s not about the software you use, but what you do with software.
More tools and software, the complexity of things will grow!
And Blender is capable of many things, even not discussed in these courses.

So, what are you currently designing …?

what i am designing is currently a secret :sunglasses:

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Sorry no idea. From what I have seen, I never get the point of bothering with different render engines. The differences are tiny on the whole. Perhaps at some professional level there is a use.

Renderman is not a render engine it’s an addonish software used by Pixar!

Well I did see a video of it being added and used. Very personally it looked much more trouble than it might possibly be worth, whole different nodes? Like people using Macs, it will doubtless still have adherents, and good luck to them.

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