Rendering & Ligth Mountain Landscape


Realicé el render de la Isla a 60 Fps, 1080 x 1920, sin embargo noto que hay un parpadeo (Flicker) en las luces.
Primero hice una secuencia de imágenes y luego en Blender hice el video con la música. En efecto al tener la secuencia de imágenes este parpadeo en las luces no se nota, pero en el video final si.
¿como puedo evitarlo?

Muchas gracias


Google translated.

It is a very nice animation clip. I saw the flickering and am not sure why, but perhaps someone else will have an idea.

What render engine did you use?
I have a feeling there is some ‘seed’ setting that may help with it.

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Hi, Thanks for the answer.
I used Cycles

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Did you use many samples for a frame?
Did you use denoiser?

As NP5 mentioned it, there will be always noise in the image. This noise has a pattern, not noticeable in a single frame. But is a sequence (video) it will, maybe this is the flickering you referring too?
You can randomize the noise by using a random seed for each frame.

Also I think the video has low image quality. Maybe due to, too much data compression or wrong video codec.

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Hi, Thanks for the asnwer again,

Here are my render settings

The img secuence, was added to Blender VideoEditing

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My video knowledge skills are long overdue.
But I see 60fps rendering, while the video codec is H.264
Also keyframe is 16.

Blender defaults are just good enough, so try 24fps (default), render 640x480 just 5 secs or so. To test things. There is no need for 60fps. It slows you down on rendering. And leads to understanding other things like Video codecs, keyframes, etc.

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