Rendering gray screen

When I render the bmw in cycles it renders fine but if I try to render in blender render I get a gray screen. when I tried to render my chess set both blender render and cycles give me a gray screen.

I’m not sure where to start to figure out this problem. I have made sure the camera icon on all of my items are truned on other than that I haven’t found any suggestions on the web to try.

The only thing I can think of is, what you’re trying to render isn’t “in view” of the camera.

Did you by any chance move the object (or the camera) at all while working on it? I’ve gotten plain grey screens when I’m working on something small (like a ring for a character), and it won’t show up in the render until I move it practically right in front of the camera. This is with the Blender render engine. I haven’t worked with the Cycles render engine for a while, and I’m not up to that part of the class lessons, so not sure why it would work there, and not with the Blender render engine.

Thanks for replying.
I loaded the scene without changing it. Its not small objects. Its two cars.
I’ve been trying to figure this out again after taking a bit of a break to work on some other projects, but still have had no luck. It’s probably something simple that I’m missing,
Thanks again for the input. If you have any ideas latter please let me know.

For anyone that might be able to help I’m working on lecture 99. I’m including a screen shot of whats happening. I hope some one out there can help. This is very frustrating.

I actually think that the BMW scene rendering out grey is normal if you’re trying to use Blender Render. It does the same thing on my machine – I believe that the scene simply isn’t set up to render in Blender Render i.e., all of the materials are set up in Cycles and since materials don’t transfer between engines it won’t render using Blender Render.

However that doesn’t really explain why, as you mentioned in your original post, your chess set won’t render in either engine, are you still having that issue on scenes you’ve created from scratch?

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