Rendered Bowling scene animation after several crashes (2.93)

It only worked the first time but after that it keeps crashing every time I try to render animation.

It works for a different camera angle? I tried removing my image plane from the render view and it seemingly works. Works for PNG mode, not FFmpeg mode.

Works in AVI raw mode once and then keeps crashing.



It can be a memory problem. Render to MPEG uses also more memory.
I prefer to render to stills, then you have also the option to change things half way. Or reuse image sequences in a different way.
And creating a video from these stills is very easy to do.

How much vertices, faces is your composition?

9.7k vertices, 9.8k faces, 19k tris.
Memory should be a non-issue as the whole rendering on a successful trial was about 390 MB iirc.

Doing a cycles render with FFmpeg, seems to be working so far.

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At the moment, both Eevee and Cycles renders are working and I don’t even know why. :joy:
I went ahead and uploaded the animation render on the OP.

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Well? Maybe, close and re starting blender did the job?
Glad you’ve solved it!
Eager to see the video…

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