Render problem

Hello everybody,

Thank you for this course, it is very intersting.

I got a little problem when i am rendering my video, my screen is sparkling in the video. Here you can open the video i made :

Do you know what is the problem ?

Thank you

Can you share some screenshots please or share using Google drive. Thanks.

Ok, downloaded in a sandbox and tried it. I don’t see sparkling but I see a bit of visual tearing. Normally I render out as an uncompressed video format and pop into my preferred video editor, and for best quality use output as PNG and stitch them together although that is more complicated. The tearing is usually caused by lack of performance on the PC but as a start, try to render not as an MP4 but an uncompressed AVI or something similar.

Sorry for late reply.
Yes i already rendered on avi format, and i converted it to mp4 after, but its the same result.
My pc is very good i changed it 2 months ago, and got a 4080 as gpu, sobasically i dont have to have any problem like this.
I didnt try with png, but basically i dont need to do it with my computer …, i already made videos with other software and didnt have any problem …

Maybe a setting ?
Any solution ?

Not sure to be honest. I rendered using a 1060 and no issues but this was with UE 4.26. Aside from trying to render at a lower resolution, not sure what else to try. Ill try this out on my pc after an upgrade to 5.2 and see what happens.

I assume drivers are all up to date and you’re rendering to a disk that doesn’t contain the project?

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