Removing "cut"

How do you remove this cut in the ramp? This is the only way I got the extension done without peeking at the solution :slight_smile: If I remove the edge in the middle of the ramp, well, the ramp gets destroyed. I basically want to merge/join the top section into the bottom half without that cut on the top.

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If you select the edge and delete the edge with x, the whole face will disappear, but if you select the edge and turn on snapping (I like to use vertex) and merge vertices, the edge should go away once you move it into the top of the ramp.

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If you wanted to JUST delete those edges without altering your geometry, you could also select the edge you want gone, hit “x” and select “Dissolve Edges”. Poof that edge is erased without deleting any faces :slight_smile:

This link shows some tricks for deleting and dissolving edges!

EDIT: I just tried it out and…

Once you dissolve an edge, you can’t cut that geometry again in that place WITHOUT dissolving ALL the other edges that cut made first. Just a heads up :smiley:

I tried dissolve but there were no effect. With the edges (all 3 sides) selected.

Huh, maybe try one at a time :open_mouth:

Well, I think something else is/was up with the model. I couldn’t cut it vertically either. Or do an “insert” (ctrl-r) on the face ither. It would pick the rest of the pyramid - it only did ctrl-r horizontal - not vertically. So in other words, I probably screwed something else up.

That’s the most aggravating thing about Blender xD, can’t tell you how many times I did something wrong (or maybe not wrong, but differently) just to have it turn out that I can’t do something way down the line because of it.

Like a chain reaction :stuck_out_tongue:

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