Remeshing caused part of the jaw to fuse with the shoulder

Not sure what I did wrong. He had a nice neck prior to remeshing. Ive tried sculpting it back in with the DrawSharp but thats only marginally successful. when I smooth it back out it pretty much goes back the the way I don’t want it if that makes sense.


Rule one, always save before remeshing.
Well it may be rule 237.3 but you get the idea, :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Remeshing is an entire recalculation of the mesh so is pretty drastic really. If a remesh ‘goes wrong’ then you undo, or load the save, and try in this case a finer, smaller face size so Blender does not think, that shoulder vert is very close to this chin one I can make one out of that.
Other than that, yes after a remesh some reshaping with the usual tools may well be needed. For example thin parts often get thinner, like fingers.
There is not much one can do bar be aware of these things and perhaps make fingers fatter at the beginning, sort of approach. Blender does its best as does any software buy it is not human and does not ‘see’ or understand the shape like a human would. It is making calculated guesses, trying to maintain the shape in general, while changing the vert count as well.


That makes sense. Yeah, I knew I messed up when I saved (it was late). I’ve been fixing it manually since starting the fine detail portion of the class.


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