Remesh Issues

This is sort of a duel show/ask post. I have put alot of work into this character since my last pose, fixed a lot of the anatomy issues, modeled the face out more, dug the arm pits in better etc… The new issue is with the foot, when I go to remesh it fuses my toes together with clay where gaps are suppose to be?


I think you need to hide parts of the body, showing one single toe. And fix the model manually.

Well, he is looking fantastic.

The toe problem I had myself with fingers recently I think the only answer is to remesh verts fine, high vert count.

Very nice model! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I think that’s a pretty common issue with remeshing, and the mods have already given the best answers. Bit of a pain, but if you wanted him ‘riggable’ he’d probably need a manual retopology anyways and then you could model out the toes individually.


This, I believe, is the best solution.

Such a nice model needs a manual retop.

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Thank you all for the feedback. @FedPete What method would be best to fix the mesh? Should I just wait until the retoplogy portion of the class? @NP5 Thank you! I spent a lot of time on him! Actually the fusing happens when I use the remesh issue which is weird. @ZachDude I’m wondering if I could make the toes a seperate part of the mesh to avoid the fusing. or I could just wait until the retoplogy portion as previously mentioned. @umishrak I do believe that would be my best option, waiting until the retop portion of the class.

Remeshing changes the sizes of the mesh but has to decide how and where to make the new ones. If you remesh even finer the new faces will stick closer to the shape being remeshed.

It is not weird really that it happens on remeshing. It is an auto process and it is making it’s best guess. The larger the mesh faces the more it will merge close bits, that will have been pulled about in the prior sculpt.

It would be really nice if you could mask out areas of a mesh not to be affected by remeshing. So we could remesh different areas to different levels, face sizes.

I do not do much in sculpting but perhaps others might know if something like that is possible. It may work separating the foot off as a separate sculpt and re-joining the parts in Object mode?

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I would just wait until the retopology part, might save you some work in the long run :wink:

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I actually tried to add a mask to the toes to prevent the remesh from affecting it but it didn’t work, thank you for explaining that I thought it worked something like that. I will most likely fix it during the retop portion of the class.